Course description

In this course, you'll learn all about React Native. We start with the very basics like how do you run an app, how do you debug etc.

Following my course, you're going to build 24 small apps that show you all the bells and whistles of React Native. You'll be a pro mobile engineer in no time.


Swizec Teller


Hi, I'm Swizec. My goal is to help you become a better engineer. You're looking at my React Native School developed in collaboration with Shoutem.

Some of my other works include React+D3v4, Data Visualization with D3.js, and Why Programmers Work at Night. You may have heard of them, or maybe not. They're pretty niche :)

If you wanna know more about me, Google is your friend.

Info Duration Skill level
24 lectures 3 months (bi-weekly) Beginner (basic JS)

All lectures (14/24)